Sports Vision FAQs

If you play sports, you know how important good vision is to your game. Sports vision is the concept of optimizing your sight in order to maximize your sports play. The following FAQs from your Allentown optometrist at Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates explain more about sports vision training and the benefits you stand to gain.

Sports Vision FAQs

What Exactly Is “Sports Vision?”

When your optometry specialist talks about sports vision, he’s referring to the concept of taking your visual acuity to its optimal state in order to maximize your game. Both amateur and professional sports players can benefit from sports vision. Sports vision also refers to methods used by your Allentown eye doctor to help your vision be the best it can be.

How Does Sports Vision Improve Sports Play?

The sharper your vision, the better you can become in whatever game you play. Your Allentown optometrist will test your vision in specific areas to identify weak spots that need strengthening. We’ll then put you through a series of exercises and tests to strengthen your sight in those areas in order to improve your game.

At Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates, we offer sports vision testing for dynamic visual acuity, eye focusing, peripheral awareness, and depth perception. Dynamic visual acuity improves your ability to see moving objects more clearly. Your Allentown eye doctor makes use of eye tracking screens to train your eyes.

Eye focusing skills enable you to refocus your vision quickly so you can spot moving objects or players at a faster rate. Peripheral awareness training expands your peripheral vision by teaching you how to view objects and people from the “corners” of your eyes. Through depth perception training, you learn to perceive the depth of traveling objects such as balls, arrows, etc., so you can take action accordingly.  

Why Is Sports Vision Important to Athletes?

Professional sports teams require a lot from players. An athlete with excellent vision has an edge over his competitors. Good sports vision can help improve your hitting, catching, and throwing skills so you can excel in games such as baseball, football, basketball, and golf. By honing your focusing, tracking, and depth perception skills, you stand a better chance of reaching your goals as an athlete.

I Don’t Play Sports Professionally. Why Do I Need Sports Vision Training?

Sports vision training isn’t just for professional athletes. It’s for anyone who wants to improve their game and get the most from their sports play. Sports vision training is safe, effective, and challenging, making your game that much more interesting and exciting.

See Your Allentown Eye Doctor about Sports Vision Training

To learn more about sports vision training, contact an optometry specialist from Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates at 610-486-3285 today.


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