Emergency Eye Care

Eye injuries are more common than the average person realizes. The eyes are exposed to all kinds of elements on a daily basis that have the potential to cause injuries. Some of these items include solutions and potions people use every day like hairspray, peroxide and household cleaning agents. The optometry professionals here at Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates in Allentown, PA, want to make people aware of some ways their eyes can be injured, and measures they need to take if injuries to the eyes are sustained.

woman receiving emergency eye care from her eye doctor

Environmental Elements

One of the most common ways a person could injure their eyes is through contact with environmental elements like wind, rain, sand, smoke, and pollution. Smoke and pollution like smog, for instance, can irritate the eyes and cause them to turn red, become watery and burn. People who live in areas where the smog levels are high, need to be sure they keep drops on hand to help soothe their eyes and reduce redness.

People who engage in outdoor activities like jogging, cycling, and walking are at risk of injuring their eyes if they are not protected in cold weather and when they come into contact with the wind. Cold weather and wind can dry the eyes and cause a condition known as dry eye. This condition can pose a serious threat to the eyes, as scratches on the cornea can occur as a result. Sand and other small pieces of debris can also scratch to the cornea of the eye and result in a distortion of vision. These types of eye injuries should be attended to as soon as possible. People should rinse their eyes with an eyewash to try to remove as much of the debris as possible. These types of injuries should also be evaluated by an optometry professional sooner than later.

Injuries and Conditions Requiring Emergency Eye Care

Traumatic Iritis, Hyphemas, and orbital blowout fractures can occur after an eye injury. Traumatic iritis is caused by a blunt object like a ball or a hand poking or hitting the eyes. This condition is very serious and requires emergency eye care. Our Allentown optometrist treats these types of eye injuries but cautions patients that there is still a risk that vision can be reduced permanently even with treatment.

Hyphema occurs when the anterior chamber of the eye bleeds. Breaks or cracks in the facial bones around the eyes create conditions known as orbital blowout fractures. These types of injuries can occur as a result of an automobile accident, a serious fall or a blow from a piece of sports equipment like a softball, bat or hockey puck. Orbital blowout fractures and hyphemas are considered medical emergencies and emergency eye care should be sought immediately.

Don’t Take Your Vision For Granted

Anyone who experiences eye pain, constant draining of the eyes, burning sensations that are not resolved with eye drops, blurry vision or any changes to their vision, need to have their symptoms evaluated. Our doctors of optometry here at Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates in Allentown, PA, treat a number of eye conditions, and we develop individualized treatment plans to help people recover from their eye injuries. Our office treats patients of all ages, and our doctors are dedicated to the mission of ensuring the eyes of our patients are healthy. If you need a follow-up appointment after an eye injury, or you need to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam, give our office a call at 610-486-3285 today.


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