Common Eye Injuries

As your eyes are exposed to all kinds of environments, there’s always the risk of injuries that can impair your sight. A minor eye injury can often be handled at home on your own. For major injuries, you should contact your Allentown optometrist at Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates for help.

If you live an active lifestyle, you may experience one or more of the following common eye injuries.

woman suffering from an eye injury

Corneal Abrasion

Corneal abrasions can occur from accidentally poking yourself in the eye or from rubbing eyes when there is sand or some other kind of debris inside them. These scratches can cause soreness, redness, and sensitivity to light. Left untreated, corneal scratches can become infected, endangering your sight. Your best option is to visit your optometry specialist in Allentown at your earliest convenience for treatment.

Foreign Object in the Eye

Some foreign objects like dirt or eyelashes can simply be washed out of your eye. Other objects like metal or wooden slivers should be removed by a medical professional. If these objects penetrate your eye, visit an emergency room or urgent care center immediately for treatment to save your sight.

Black Eye

Black eye is a very common eye injury, generally caused by trauma to the eye. The best remedy for a black eye (or two) is putting an ice pack on the eye to reduce swelling. You should also see your Allentown optometry specialist to ensure there’s no internal damage to your eye.

Chemical Eye Burns

If you use chemical cleaners in your home, you may at some point accidentally splash or spray chemicals in your eyes. Some chemicals, like acids, may sting for a while, but they can be washed out of your eye. Alkali chemicals like what’s found in oven cleaners and hair sprays can be harmful to your eyes. If these chemicals get in your eyes, run warm tap water over your eyes for approximately 15 minutes to flush them out as much as possible. Then go immediately to an emergency room or urgent care for treatment.

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

This eye injury occurs when a blood vessel breaks and leaks blood into the sclera (white part) of your eye. Bleeding may occur in a small area or all over the sclera. Eye bleeding may look bad but it’s actually harmless and painless in most cases. In time, the eye will heal on its own. If you have doubts, schedule a checkup with your Allentown optometrist.

Visit Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates for Optometry Care 

Eye injuries should never be ignored. Schedule an appointment to see your Allentown optometrist by calling Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates at 610-486-3285 today.


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