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  • Tips On How To Prevent Computer Vision
    Smart Tips on How to Prevent Computer Vision Computers are an integral part of society today, used for personal, professional and educational purposes. If you add to that the daily use Read more
  • How To Prepare For An Eye Exam
    How to Prepare for an Eye Exam It's important to get your eyes checked regularly. Getting an eye exam every year or two is a good way to catch health problems Read more
  • Eye Care for Contact Lens Wearers with Dry Eyes in Allentown
    If you have dry eyes, you may be wondering if you can wear contact lenses. Perhaps you've worn them in the past, and had issues with them popping out of Read more
  • Welcome to Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates Blog!
    Welcome to the Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates Blog!Your Go-To Allentown Optometrists Hello and welcome to the Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates blog! Here, we'll be sharing eye and vision care Read more
  • Pink Eye
    Pink Eye: How to Know If You Have It and What to Do Next Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, has many possible causes. While it may be mild, some cases Read more
  • How to Prevent Dry Eye During the Winter
    Anyone who suffers from dry eye knows that the symptoms can worsen greatly during the winter. The cold winter air can dry out both your eyes and your nasal passages. Read more
  • What is Presbyopia?
    When you are in your 40s, it can become increasingly difficult to see things up close. This is part of the aging process, and it is called presbyopia. Many people Read more
  • Signs of Computer Vision
    Signs of Computer Vision from Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates In Allentown, PA The digital age has changed life in countless ways. You can read everything from breaking news stories to Read more
  • Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems
    Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems Children often experience frequent vision changes during the early years, and sometimes problems seeing clearly can come on quickly. These problems can lead to Read more
  • Men's Vision Health
    Allentown Optometrist Discusses Men’s Vision Health Men and women will never see anything the same way and it has nothing to do with how they think. Men and women actually process Read more
  • The Role of Tears
    Tear Production Explained by our Allentown Optometrist Many think of tears as droplets that appear spontaneously, but tear fluid also lubricates and protects the eyeball, and it functions in other critical Read more
  • Contact Lens Care and Safety
    Contact Lens Care and Safety Tips from our Allentown Optometrists Contact lenses make it easy and convenient for you to see clearly when you prefer to not wear eyeglasses. However, there Read more
  • The Importance of Pediatric Eye Care
    Why It's Important to Get Kids to Optometrist in Allentown The eyes are very important. Getting your child in to see a pediatric optometrist while they are still young is a Read more
  • Why Do I Get Headaches from Watching Television?
    Why Do I Get Headaches from Watching Television? The next time you get ready to binge-watch several seasons of your favorite show, you might want to take some steps to avoid Read more
  • Preparing for Eye Allergy Season
    How to Prepare for Eye Allergy Season in Allentown Spring brings warmer temperatures and more sunshine to the Allentown area, but it can also bring unpleasant symptoms for allergy sufferers. If Read more
  • What You Need to Know about Eye Surgery Recovery
    What You Need to Know about Eye Surgery Recovery Advanced technologies have made surgery to correct a range of vision problems relatively routine. These procedures are safe and widely effective, and Read more


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