Eyecare Services

Eye Care Services Provided at Our Allentown, PA Optometry Office

Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates is proud to provide skilled eye care services to the people of Allentown PA. Our optometrists offer a range of treatments to people suffering from ocular disease, refractive error and other conditions.


  • Eye Exams. Our comprehensive eye exams can detect refractive error for patients in need of corrective lenses. Our eye exams also help catch eye diseases in their early stages.
  • Glaucoma treatment. We use a variety of different methods to help patients manage their glaucoma. Some of the most common ways to treat this problem include pills and eye drops.
  • Eye glasses. Corrective lenses are critical for people who suffer from vision problems. At Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates, we have frames in a wide variety of colors, styles and brands, so you’ll be able to find the right eyeglasses for your needs.
  • Contact lens exam. People in need of contact lenses must first have a proper examination of their eyes. During our contact lens examinations, our eye doctors determine whether or not your eyes are a good fit for contact lenses, and if so, which type of contact lenses are right for your eyes.
  • Diabetes eye care. People who suffer from diabetes are at risk for eye conditions like glaucoma. We provide regular eye care for patients suffering from diabetes, to help them maintain their eyesight and avoid blindness.
  • Cataracts treatment. Cataracts is a degenerative condition that causes eventual blindness, but with proper treatment, this can be avoided. We help patients by providing cataracts treatment to those affected by this disease.
  • Flashes/Floaters. Some anomalies that appear in the vision are harmless, others are not. We investigate flashes and floaters to determine whether or not they are the symptom of a larger, more dangerous problem.
  • Headaches. For patients suffering from headaches, we can help determine whether or not the cause is refractive error, and if it is, we provide treatment.
  • Dry eyes, itchy/red eyes, allergies. Dry eyes and itchy, scratchy eyes that occur as a result of eye allergies can leave patients miserable. We help patients manage these problems.
  • Ortho K. Ortho-K lenses gently reshape the eye to correct some types of refractive error. We evaluate patients to determine who is a good fit, and prescribe ortho-K lenses as needed.
  • Specialty contact lens. We prescribe specialty contact lenses to meet the needs of patients and help them see clearly.
  • Gas permeable. Gas permeable contact lenses are designed to correct refractive error while also enabling oxygen transmission to the eye.
  • Synergy Hybrid contact Lens. Hybrid contact lenses are a gas permeable rigid contact lens surrounded by a soft contact lens skirt. These lenses provide the comfort of a soft lens and the accuracy of a rigid gas permeable lens.

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