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Dry eye is one of those conditions that is just as uncomfortable and debilitating as the name suggests -- and if you're currently contending with dry eye, you know this all too well. Abnormalities in the tear film, health problems, and external challenges can all cause your eyes to become chronically dry, which not only feels terrible but also threatens your eyes' long-term health and function. Here at Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates, we take your dry eyes very seriously, providing a variety of treatment options to help you overcome the problem. 

Causes and Complications of Chronic Dry Eye

Chronic dry eye is most commonly caused by an age-related reduction in tear production. External factors such as wind sources and constant computer usage (which can fool your eyes into blinking too infrequently) can also allow your eyes to dry out. Autoimmune diseases and certain medications are known to create dry eyes, while contact lenses that tend to dry out can aggravate the problem further. But the eyes don't just need enough tears; they also need the right kind of tears. The tear film normally contains a precise balance of water, mucous and oils, so if any of these substances is lacking, dry eye may result. If the oil-producing meibomian glands surrounding your eyes are blocked, the water in the tears may simply evaporate.

Dry eye causes eye redness, itching, irritation ("foreign body sensations") and blurred vision -- and those are just the short-term problems. Without treatment, your corneas will be more prone to injury, infections and possible scarring.

Get Your Dry Eyes Treatment Recommendations Here

Bring those dry eyes of yours to Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates before serious problems can set in. Our trio of optometrists has a detailed understanding of this common, vexing condition and can get to the root of your particular problem through careful diagnosis. In addition to checking your tear film consistency and quantity for signs of imbalances, we will also consider your current medications, medical history, work habits, environment and contact lens usage. Once we understand exactly what is creating your distress, we can offer dry eyes treatment recommendations such as:

  • Artificial tears or gel-based eye drops to keep your eyes lubricated
  • Switching to contact lenses that do a better job of retaining eye moisture
  • Techniques for un-clogging blocked meibomian glands, thus normalizing the oil content of your tears
  • Treatment for underlying medical conditions that cause or worsen dry eye
  • Changes in your medication routine (per discussion with your primary care physician)
  • Changes in the ways you use ceiling fans, computers, and other potential eye irritants

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