Pink Eye FAQ

Pink Eye is a condition that can strike without warning. Since this medical problem to the eyes is extremely contagious, steps need to be taken to avoid the spread of it should you happen to catch it. One step that will find you relief from pink eye is taking a trip to Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates in Allentown to meet with our optometry staff. Here are some frequently asked questions pertaining to pink eye to read over so you recognize the symptoms associated with it, know how to relieve symptoms when they arise, and learn how optometry care can help.

Pink Eye FAQ

What Are Common Symptoms Of Pink Eye?

There are several noticeable systems associated with pink eye. Most people will first notice that their eyes feel itchy, dry, or as if there is a foreign body embedded inside of one of them. They will often turn to rubbing at their eyes in an attempt to stop the symptoms from occurring. This, however, could cause the spread of the condition from one eye to the other.

Eyes will appear discolored, usually with a pink or red hue. If you have pink eye, you will likely have a discharge present as well. This could be clear or yellowish. When this discharge dries around the eyes during rest, it will become crusty and could make it difficult to open your eyes upon awakening. Use a damp washcloth to remove discharge as needed.

How Can Pink Eye Be Relieved At Home?

Do your best to not touch your eyes at all if you believe you are suffering from pink eye. This condition can be easily spread from eye to eye and from person to person. Wash your hands frequently to help avoid the spread of the condition.

Pink eye usually takes several days to run its course. During this time it is best to avoid contact with other people if possible. This will limit exposure to the condition. 

To alleviate symptoms of the condition, use warm compresses using water and a washcloth. Place a warm compress upon a closed eyelid for several minutes to help reduce discharge buildup. Do not rub the eye, but rather allow the compress to rest comfortably over the eyelid for instant relief from itchiness and other symptoms. 

How Can Optometry Care Help?

If you have pink eye, make an appointment at Lehigh Valley Eye Care Associates in Allentown for an evaluation. Our optometry team is available to assess your condition and provide you with treatment options to stop symptoms completely. This may include medication in the form of drops. Call us today at (610) 432-3258 for more information about pink eye or to schedule an appointment.


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